" This journaling exercise has helped me stay focused and it de-clutters my mind, starting fresh every week, knowing my direction, knowing that it comes from within as I take time to connect me with my soul during reflection. It's like a weekly tune-up, a thorough "mind" massage. I almost can't concentrate if I skip a week." Rosemary Flores, Las Vegas, Nev.

    "The presentation style used to deliver the training was highly informative, attention getting, fun and exciting." C.R. Coca Cola Enterprises, Mission, Tx.

    "Es un taller muy bueno porque te ayuda a mantener la calma y la reflexion para llevar a casa. "  Carlos Rivera Elem. Parent, El Paso, Tx.

    "This was great I fell motivated and ready to start the new school year."  Horizon H.S. teacher, Clint, Tx.

    "This was a very informative and inspirational workshop.  I learned some things about myself and how to better serve our customers—Thanks!"  Ysleta Teachers Federal Credit Union, El Paso, Tx.

    "Presentations from these outstanding speakers made me feel at ease and comfortable."

    "I really enjoyed today’s activities. They were extremely fun! Please come again."

    "An excellent presentation. An inspiring and great motivational tool to use in my personal/professional life."


Following is a sampling of testimonials taken from various audiences which include business professionals, teachers, administrators, students, athletes and parents:  

    "Wow! Out of 17 years of teaching, this is the best in-service ever!"

    "Fantastic Job! I love this workshop with you! It renews my energy and passion for my job! On a scale from one to ten, you are far beyond."

    "I like the way how we as a team came together and me as a teammate I would want to continue my tradition as a football player, human, and as a man. I love my teammates. See you at State Championship."

    “I liked every part of this because it was fun and the fact that I think I found something inside me. I am a real champion and I will live my best everyday for the rest of my life. I thank you.”

    "I thought it was a life changing experience."

    "Your workshop was fabulous it awakened the artistic part of me. I loved the music and writing whith my less dominant hand! I loved seeing empowered Latinas at work!" Magdalena, Saludos from Canutillo.

    "You inspired me to go back to journaling. I have never had the self esteem and you have given me a way in which i can love myself and believe that I am an awesome person! Thanks."

    "Great workshop!! Thank you"

    " Yo soy una persona que tiene hambre de aprender. Gracias por este curso y permitirnos participar, expresar nuestras inquietudes. Yo creo que usted esta haciendo prefecto su trabajo."

    "Jackie and Aurora know how to boost morale and motivate employees." "Their workshops are energizing!"